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Mar 26, 2014 ยท PAGE 6. Sprin g SPECIALS #9814 #9302 #9698. 2005 Chevy 2002 Chevy 1999 Lincoln Equinox AWD Silverado 1500 Continental. 6,413 $ 4,913 $ #9744 $ 2,913 #9827 #9860

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2014 Chevy Cruze 2.0L TDI, Tungsten Metallic: Mods: Tires 215/55/17 98VXL Vogue Signature V, Bilstein B14 PSS #47-171725 (Still settling), Whiteline LCA Bushings #W53431, #W53445 & Front Sway Endlink #W23255, Window Tint: Pinnacle 40 and AirBlue 80Fuel Injectors - Remanufactured. 8 x 440CC 42LB Fuel Injectors Replaces M-9593-F302 0280150558 0280155968 for Fal | eBay We keep a large range to cover many Australian and New Zealand vehicles and performance applications.

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Description. The 1.4T stock injectors are maxed out when you run a performance tune. The duty cycle is so high that the injectors basically spray all the time, which results in fuel puddling on the back of the intake valve- which isn't very good for atomization. By switching to our #42LB injectors you can solve this issue and pick up power.

Any Ford 4 Cylinder Engine with Bosch EV1 or EV6 style injectors. Enjoy smoother idle,better throttle response and more efficient fuel atomization by replacing your old and tired injectors. Fuel Injectors for Chevrolet Ford LS1 LS6 440Cc 42Lb Bosch 0280155968 (4) V1D3 194724711646 | eBay Chevrolet Cruze Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada-6007168) - Black plate (3,1) 2014 - 2nd Edition - 7/15/13 In Brief 1-3 1. Exterior Lamp Controls on